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CCTVCAM.Net grabs the very best “Caught on CCTV Camera” videos from various sources around the internet and presents them to you in one place. Over 55% of the world population is recorded on   video and most of the time, we don´t know we are being filmed. It is an invasion of privacy, however, it also makes our world a little bit safer. Some of the most hilarious and shocking footage available online is via CCTV cameras filming the unbelievable!


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All videos on our website are genuine CCTV footage grabbed from Youtube and Vimeo and arranged into various categories. You can use the main menu to choose your source of fun or search for anything particular using the in-built search system. You will find all of the most popular “caught on camera” videos alongside videos that you may never have watched before. Explore and enjoy what we have on offer.


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